Monday, February 22, 2010

Odesk Hires FreeLancers!

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Welcome 2010!! (Im late!) Gotta let you know that I have been too busy in working after I had my computer fixed. It has been raining projects for me these days. I recently just got my very first Odesk freelance job! Do you know what it means? I got a buyer!! I can jump with joy..

Its my first job after 6 months and I am so excited to start! For those people out there who doesn't know what odesk is, I can say that it is the BIGGEST freelance portal in the web!!

I have applied to several jobs there before I got hired. Im lucky to have a very kind buyer, thus Im more than willing to work now. For those who might be thinking that this is only for professionals, then you are wrong. There are jobs like forum posting, data entry or link building that does not really require too much knowledge.

Lets just say, it only takes experience. Let me share some tips so you can land on your first freelance job as well:

  • After signing up take an Odesk Readiness test. Dont worry the test is not too hard, it is consist of 11 questions only and the links for the answers are in the questions too. So all you have to do is read.
  •  Submit work samples for better chance of getting hired!
  • While waiting for an interview, you can keep on taking free tests to complete your profile in Odesk. A good profile is important because it is what the buyers see first.

Never lose hope! Just apply and apply until you get hired! Good luck!


  1. wow nice tips here, I never have the chance to take the readiness test, but I would really find time to do this.

    By the way, can I ask you a favor by joining a contest, you still have 2 days to join, click here for the easy instruction on how to join. you can have a shot on the $20 or maybe the prize for the best blog post about the contest at the same time you are giving me 50 points if you do the fifth step. thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, this is Nicole from Rent a Coder.

    Hi sparkliecandy. Congratulations on your success thus far. When you have the time, why not take a look at our service? Rentacoder provides access to programming, writing, illustration, even data entry jobs. (You can get a sense of the broad scope of work available here:

    I'd like to point out a few differences between our service and services like oDesk since those differences could influence your satisfaction and earnings.

    Working with a new buyer on a Pay-for-Deliverables project:

    A new buyer doesn't know yet that you're productive, and won't run up a huge bill with fluff hours via pay-for-time projects. To help you establish that trust, both Odesk and Rent A Coder let you work with them by bidding a fixed price for the final deliverables (called pay-for-deliverables). However, oDesk doesn't offer safety features (escrowing and arbitration) to be able to guarantee payment to you.

    Working with a buyer you know on a Pay-for-Time project:

    Once a buyer trusts that you won't bill them for unproductive hours, you can bill them by the hour (called pay-for-time). This has many advantages over pay-for-deliverables including cheaper fees, flexibility (you don't have to define all the requirements in advance to start working) and less risk (under-estimates are no longer your responsibility to bear). However there are important differences in how oDesk and Rent A Coder provide this service.

    1) Fees.
    Rent A Coder charges 10%-35% less than oDesk (9% for one-on-one auctions to as low as 6.5%). The less you pay, the more savings you can pocket yourself, pass on to the buyer, or split. oDesk charges a higher flat fee of 10%. As a result, you have less money to pocket, pass on to the buyer, or split.

    2) Guaranteed Work Payments.
    When working hard to meet a buyer's deadline, you may find yourself working long hours. Odesk does not guarantee payment past the first eight hours in a day. Rent A Coder guarantees payment for all work done.

    3) Mental Tasks.
    When working for a buyer, you may find yourself doing mental work that should not be interrupted (such as reading, planning or writing at your desk). Odesk requires that you simultaneously remember to move your mouse every minute or so, and if you don't, you are not guaranteed payment. So you can choose to be constantly interrupted (and perhaps distracted and frustrated), or forgo the payment guarantee. Rent A Coder does not require you to make this choice, and guarantees payment for mental work.

    There are other differences as well. I invite everyone to compare the 7 major services through this link to learn even more: (Short version:

    If you have any questions, please let me know. You can also call in to talk to a facilitator 7 days a week, or email us (see




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