Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rebirth: Pinay Works from Home Again!

Yes it's true. After a long hiatus I am back for good. I will share tips and tricks for those people who are interested with money making online. Gone are the days of earning pennies, we are all set to a bigger goal and that is to make money by seating on our chairs in front of our computers in the comfort of our home. Nothing is better than having a 1 minute travel time to work. Can you say sweet?

See more of me in the next days to come! AJA!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Odesk Hires FreeLancers!

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Welcome 2010!! (Im late!) Gotta let you know that I have been too busy in working after I had my computer fixed. It has been raining projects for me these days. I recently just got my very first Odesk freelance job! Do you know what it means? I got a buyer!! I can jump with joy..

Its my first job after 6 months and I am so excited to start! For those people out there who doesn't know what odesk is, I can say that it is the BIGGEST freelance portal in the web!!

I have applied to several jobs there before I got hired. Im lucky to have a very kind buyer, thus Im more than willing to work now. For those who might be thinking that this is only for professionals, then you are wrong. There are jobs like forum posting, data entry or link building that does not really require too much knowledge.

Lets just say, it only takes experience. Let me share some tips so you can land on your first freelance job as well:

  • After signing up take an Odesk Readiness test. Dont worry the test is not too hard, it is consist of 11 questions only and the links for the answers are in the questions too. So all you have to do is read.
  •  Submit work samples for better chance of getting hired!
  • While waiting for an interview, you can keep on taking free tests to complete your profile in Odesk. A good profile is important because it is what the buyers see first.

Never lose hope! Just apply and apply until you get hired! Good luck!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

                     Gosh..its Christmas again! So what did you had for December 24th? Spaghetti for me. I gotta work in this day too. Glad that its only at home. Lol
                    How many of you spent the  holiday on vacation? Anyone just at home? (like me?) Here I am staring at the internet. Anyway I posted today just to greet you guys. Nothing more, nothing less.
                   .....and for the next big celebration I wanna greet you...

Advance Happy New Year! (whisper) Merry Christmas to everybody again! 

PS: this month marks my first year of money making too! :)


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